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Summer arrives and with it the reduced day at work, children’s holidays, pool days, terraces it’s that season when you wish to enjoy, relax and recharge your batteries for the last quarter of the year.

These hot days that you want to spend surrounded by the ones you love the most are also a good time to give to your friends and family.

Here are some gift ideas for some of the events that are usually attended at this time of year:

Summerbirthdays: although when you were children you thought that turning years in the summer was the most awful thing that could happen to you, this feeling changes over the years and summer birthdays with friends become one of the best celebrations of the year.

Barbecues by the pool: Another summer classic is without a doubt having a barbecue at a friend’s house with a pool. For these types of events, which usually start in the middle of the afternoon and end at dawn, a good gift can be a basket of sangria, a delicious and refreshing drink with which to accompany the barbecue that will surely fall in love with all the guests.

Nights on the beach: the good weather and the holidays make the first thing you think of with the arrival of summer on the beach, with its palm trees, white sand and crystal clear waters. The best thing you can eat on the beach is fruit because thanks to all the water it contains.

Having fun with children: when the heat is hot, few things are more refreshing than a delicious lemonade, so what better than giving a basket of lemonade to enjoy with the children. They can cut the lemons themselves and squeeze them, even distributing the glasses among the assistants. A fun way to teach children and have a good time with them.

Children’s parties: summer is also a good excuse to make parties with children who thus see their friends also in summer and have a good time while interact with their parents. For this type of party, the best thing is always to bring something that children like, such as a basket of jelly beans, a gift that all children will enjoy equally. 

Holiday house: surely more than one of you has a friend with a fantastic house on the beach that leaves you some weekend for you to enjoy. If you have been taking advantage of his house for a long time, it might be a decent idea to give him something to thank him for lending it to you, right? A great gift can be a fruit basket or a delicious cocktail so that next year it is he who offers to lend you the house.

And to you, which of these would be the gift that you would most like to receive? Possibly a gift card, apart from all of these, mastercard gift card balance and gift it so that it can be used as they want it to be.