Telugu twister thriller movie all the time: Arjun Suravaram

Arjun suravaram is one among the best suspense thrillers which was released in the recent years and exclusively available on Aha for you people. The whole story revolves around the journalist who is very passionate towards his job! There are plenty of twists which are breathtaking. A whole big mafia gets involved in the case of fake certificates. Our hero will solve the case bravely and that’s how the story goes on. So, do watch this movie, this thriller movie and enjoy its vibe. Watch Arjun Suravaram movie online again and again if you wish to watch it.


This is a story of the investigative journalist who is very passionate towards his job and loves to do it. He works well, he falls in love with the girl named Kavya. She is very supportive to him. The story never gets to an end without the perfect villain and twists. Suddenly Arjun will get arrested stating that he is involved in fake certification. Which is obviously not so after so much effort he comes out of the jail by getting bail. But the zeal inside Arjun never dies and he wants to know who is behind all of this corruption. Arjun belongs to a good family where his father himself is a journalist. He never got involved in corruption and he says the same to Arjun as well. The movie goes on with the twist of how he solves the issue of fake certificates and gets to know who the big mastermind behind the case is. He understands that a big mafia is involved and he chases them and holds them in custody. Do watch this epic movie.

Artist performance:

  • Nikhil is a very talented guy who works very hard for the success of this movie! He presents himself as a versatile actor in each movie he comes with.
  • Lavanyathripati was gorgeous and brave in this movie. She was not that apt for the movie but her acting skills were definitely improved.
  • Vennela Kishore has justified his role.
  • Tarun Arora was good enough for the kind of role he played in the movie as a main villain.
  • All the actors who have been part of the movie have done splendid work! Their moves, dialogues delivery and comic timing was just a point of appreciation.

Technical Aspects:

  • Even though this movie is a remake of Tamil movie, it was good to watch it visually.
  • Cinematography was high class. This was the aspect which lifted the movie to another level.
  • Music was good but it did not register into the audience’s mind easily.
  • The edit can be done in better ways! It should be smoother and simpler.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Nikhil Siddharth

Actress: LavanyaTripathi

Director: T. Santhosh

Based: Kanithan by T. Santhosh

Producer: RajkumarAkella

Music: Sam C.S.

Cinematography: Surya

Why to watch Arjun Suravaram:

It’s one of those movies which talk about passion and its importance. Zeal of curiosity will be built. You can watch the movie for it’s interesting story, new concept with cool technology.

Watch Arjun Suravaram movie online, watch it because it’s one of a good thriller movies.