NBA 2K21 – Players with Tremendous ‘Rebounding’ Potentials and more!

If you have been playing NBA 2K21 for quite some time now, certain in-game circumstances can sometimes perplex and surprise you especially when a low-tier basketball player is able to make that mid-court throw into the hoop effortlessly, out of the blue!

Now, although highly coveted players in MyTeam (MT) are obviously sought after due to their immensely high OVR ratings and individual attributes too, there are certain players with unique in-game stats whom are also capable of destroying the opponent’s team, given the perfect time and opportunity to do so.

Here are some players who possess the highest stats for a few underappreciated attributes in the game:



Clint Capela (Atalanta Hawks): OVR 86

– The Swiss Centre player is amongst the best rebound players around the opponent’s hoop/ basket, evidently contributed by his extraordinary height and physical build too.

  • Offensive Rebound: 95


Pau Gasol (Free Agency): OVR 75

– Former NBA superstar, Pau Gasol is still in the game with a shout, as he towers over almost all other players within the game to easily disrupt any potential rebound threats around your team’s defensive basket.

  • Defensive Rebound: 98


Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets): OVR 96

– The top spot for this category is jointly shared by more than forty (40!) in-game players, but Kevin Durant makes the cut due to his personal ranking in NBA 2K21’s official ratings database, making him one of the most valuable players who are able to make those ‘clutch’ shots when it matters in a game.

  • Intangibles: 98


Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets): OVR 96

– A stat primarily focused on modes like MyLeague, Nikola Jokic possesses an insane amount of Potential which could allow him to develop into a beast in NBA 2K21, after a few years!

  • Potential: 96

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