Explore the types of bongs to enjoy a hit at another level

Even if there is a saying that what you get bigger will always give you better, in the case of pipes and bongs, this is not applicable because, for such things, size doesn’t relay matter. Whether you are considering the four-inch mini bong option or the behemoth of three feet, there is a wide range of bong options available in different sizes, designs, and features that can offer you a great smoking experience. To be precise, if you take it right, you will enjoy the best experience that you may not have had before.

Know more about mini bongs

There are many fancy styles and designs of little bongs available in the market today. They are designed for first-time users who want to get themselves well aware of the bog rips. If you are a novice smoker, then bongs can be quite a complex option to get high, but certainly, it gives the most comfortable yet amazing hit that will not cause any cough or irritation at all. Bong consists of water which plays a crucial role. As you inhale it, there are certain bubbles get created, and as they cool down, the smoke is filtered before it relaxes you. This is the reason why you can experience some giant hits.

Different choices in bongs

There is no specific bong that is available but ample materials from which it is made. Bongs can be made from ceramic, silicone, or even glass. The silicone bongs are not much pricey as compared to the ceramic or glass option; besides, it is quite durable as well. You don’t even have to worry about dropping it on the floor. If you want to enjoy smoking, then going for a ceramic bong will be great, as it gives a chilling experience and is also a low-heat conductor. Many people often purchase borosilicate glass-based bongs, which are heat-resistant at the same time, durable as well.


The trend for traditional little bongs is quite popular these days, which work exactly like the regular bong. However, it comes with a straight shorter or even a variety of bubble bottoms that can work fine in the small size. As you light, the smoke passes downstream and then water would chill it before it is stored in the chamber. As you remove the bowl and inhale, the smoke travels back into the bong neck and give you a great hit. The choice is entirely yours but surely whichever option you choose, you will have a great experience.